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Emerson Ring

Emerson Ring
Emerson Ring

Solid Sterling Silver Unisex Statement Ring with a Natural 20x20mm Black Agate Square Cabochon Gemstone

STONE: Natural 20x20mm Square Black Agate 
ELEMENT: Ethical 925 Sterling Silver 

STONE PROPERTIES: Black Agate tends to be highly grounding and fiercely protective. It allows positive energy to thrive while removing the threat of negative energy. It’s said to bring clarity, control, and concentration to all scenarios. Black agate soothes anxiety and alleviates tension in the atmosphere.

PACKAGING: Supplied in stylish smith&dillon gift box

Available sizes can be couriered out after availability has been confirmed.

If you are unsure of your finger size try a Ring Sizer App or what we highly recommend and is the better, more accurate option is to have your finger sized at any jewellers. We may be able to custom make your size if we do not have it in stock x  

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